Leaving things to the last minute: Good or Bad?

Leaving things to the last minute: Good or Bad?

Leaving things to the last minute: Good or Bad?

All through my student life, I used to leave things to the last minute. Whether it was an assignment, a thesis paper or taking preparation for mid term or final exam, I always noted down the submission date or exam date and waited; waited till I felt the heat on my skin. The closer the deadline came, the faster was my thought process. In most of the cases, I used to stay awake for the whole night and keep on writing/reading till it was done. I never missed any deadline but after submission of the paper or after the exam I felt I should have started much earlier and always promised to myself that next time I would. But the next time never came! During my first semester of my post grad in Australia, I was attending one of the campus events at evening time and I was anxious when the event would be ending because there was an assignment submission deadline on the next morning and I didn’t write a single line till then. I met one of our Chinese classmates and he told me that he (and other Chinese mates) already submitted the assignment one week back. I was shocked! I never even thought earlier that assignments can be submitted on earlier dates!

Most of us have tendency to leave the things to the last minute. Some say that unless there is a deadline pressure, they can’t even start. They argue that they do their best work at the last minute. Some guys are too lazy to start early while some others have tendency to keep the difficult tasks for the last moment and get the easier ones done first. Some guys just hope that there’ll be some changes in the deadline and it will be extended further or there will be change in requirement. However, these are not very good reasons to keep things to the very end.
Leaving assignments or thesis papers to the last minute means that you are comprising the quality. When we keep things for the last minute, we just keep on working on it and get very minimum scope to review what we actually wrote. Same goes for the exams. We tend to skip lots of areas and don’t get a full grip on the topic.
Leaving things to the last minute doesn’t make justice to our full potential. We might be lucky and get away at times, but often it creates disaster. Everything doesn’t always go according to the plan. There can be some emergency or unexpected thing popping up on the last day and it might be impossible to avoid that. This is why it’s always better to be in the safe zone. Leaving things to the last minute only creates panic, tension, anxiety along with increased heart bit.
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M Murshed Haider is one of the most prolific Motivational Speakers and Corporate Coaches in Bangladesh with more than 10 years of professional experience in different sectors in Bangladesh and Australia. He is also the co-founder of optiMA HR Solutions.

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